How to Smooth Skin in Lightroom? – Step by Step Guidelines – 2024

Are your skin rough or uneven in your photos and you want to know that how to smooth skin in Lightroom? Smoothness in skin is one of the important factors in photo and video editing. A lot of websites have explained multiple methods to smooth skin in Lightroom which may not be possible for a non experienced person. But here, we will guide you step by step how you can smooth skin in photos while using Lightroom. Because, Adobe Lightroom has now become a top trending photo and video editor all over the world. So, let’s discuss that how to smooth skin in Lightroom in detail.

Smooth Skin in Lightroom

How to Smooth Skin in Lightroom?

Smooth and flawless skin is a key element for photographers, did you want to learn how to smooth skin in Lightroom? Adobe Lightroom provides powerful tools to enhance and perfect your subjects’ skin. In the beginning, we also didn’t know about these features.

Finally, we have all these and will brief you with a detailed guide to help you edit skin tone in Lightroom. We will now provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide that how to smooth skin in Lightroom?, so please pay close attention to the important points. Now we will give you a detailed guide in these steps.

Skin Smoothing- before and after

Step-1: Install and Open Lightroom

  • To do achieve lightroom skin smoothing, first of all, you must have the latest version of Lightroom in your device while you are using Adobe Lightroom onto your mobile or on your PC, doesn’t matter.
  • If you have old version of Lightroom, update it first to get more professional editing comfort. Open it on your Mobile/PC.
Download Lightroom APK

Step-2: Import Your Photo

  • The Next step is to import your image into Lightroom which you want to edit.
  • Select the image from your gallery option.
  • Once your image is opened in the editing area of Lightroom, now your image is ready to edit.
Import Photo

Step-3: Make Basic Adjustments

  • Before we get deep skin-specific adjustments we will start with basic enchantments.
  • We will adjust their exposures, contrasts, and white balance to create a solid foundation for your editing process.
  • Basic adjustments may includes blur effects, use of color gradients and photo effects according to your needs.
Make Basic Adjustments

Step-4: Go to the Masking Menu

  • Basic adjustments are not a compulsory part to smooth skin in Lightroom.
  • However, when you have done your basic adjustments, Go to the “Masking” menu.
  • Here, you will see an empty interface of masking, don’t worry to see this because this is the original settings of Lightroom.
  • Here, you have to tap on the “+” icon which is located at most the bottom right corner of your screen.
Go to the masking menu

Step-5: Choose the Selective Editing Brush

  • Now you will need to select an adjustment brush from the toolbar.
  • Once you have zoomed in on the specific area you wish to smooth, simply tap on the Selective Edit icon located at the bottom of the screen.
  • After opening the selective edit options, simply tap on the “+” icon located at the top of your screen.
  • Then, proceed to tap on the brush icon to access a variety of brush options that will appear on the left side of your screen.
Choose the Selective Editing Brush

Step-6: Brush Over the Skin

  • The next step is to brush your image skin now use your fingers to brush over the skin that you want to make smooth.
  • Don’t worry if it seems like you’re applying red paint all over your subject.
  • It’s just a mask to indicate where you’re brushing on the image.
  • So, there’s no need to panic. By mistake if you brush over the areas that you didn’t want to do.
  • Select the small eraser icon on the left of the screen.
  • Then use your finger to brush over the areas that you didn’t want to do.
Brush Over the Skin

Step-7: Apply the Smoothing

  • After you brush all over the skin what do you want to do, tap on the detailed icon at the bottom of the screen and adjust the sharpness slider to around 40 and the noise slide to around 30 to smooth skin in Lightroom.
  • Click on the “Effects” button. Here, you will see the3 different elements “Texture, Clarity, Dehaze” to smooth skin in Lightroom.
  • Reduce and set the texture at -89, clarity at -88, dehaze at -81. These values can be vary from picture to picture.
  • So, you have to adjust these values according to your picture’s needs.
  • To apply your changes, simply tap the check mark located in the bottom-right corner next to the “Selective Edits” label.
Apply the Smoothing

Step 8: Export Your Photo

  • Finally, You have all done and now you can check your photo that looks more smooth and awesome rather than that of first.
  • Now its time to export your edited photo having soften skin tone.
  • For this purpose, just tap on the three dots available at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then click on the “save copy to device” button. Your edited picture will save in your device gallery as well as Lightroom’s gallery.
  • So, you can restore it from here whenever you want if you lost your picture from your device.
Export your photo

If you want to learn how to do smooth skin in Lightroom via video and want to do at your PC, then you can watch the given video for complete understandings. However, if your device doesn’t meet the updated version of Adobe Lightroom, you can also use the old versions of Lightroom that will definitely compatible with your device. Then you can get Lightroom skin smoothing will also get unbelievable output from it.


To do smooth skin in Lightroom is so easy that everyone can use these features. Lightroom latest features offer a range of  powerful tools that easily enhance your skin in few steps. Making the photos for a perfect-look is easier than first. Lightroom keeps getting more famous with each passing day. It’s famous for its incredible editing capabilities that enhance users’ photography and make it more stable. Lightroom is a fantastic tool for improving your photos. It provides a variety of editing tools that can assist you in turning your decent pictures into amazing ones.


Lightroom offers various tools for smoothing skin including Adjustment Brush & sliders, Frequency Separation, and Skin smoothing presets as well.

Yeah sure! You can selectively smooth specific areas of the skin in Lightroom easily. You can select and mark skin roughness part, blemishes, and pimples in Lightroom and remove them to make your skin more and more smooth.

Yes, Adobe Lightroom Mobile also offers the similar skin smoothing tools. Use the Adjustment Brush and other local adjustment tools to obtain fine and smooth skin effect.

There are different mistakes you have to avoid while smoothing your skin in Lightroom. It includes doing blur instead of smoothing, use of different skin types, smoothing everything in a picture, ignoring details, overlooking other edits.

When you do it right, skin smoothing in Lightroom can make your skin look better without losing its natural beauty.

Start with basic adjustments, address blemishes with the spot removal tool, use the adjustment brush for broader smoothing, and then fine-tune with additional adjustments.

While skin smoothing primarily focuses on the skin, it may have subtle effects on overall image characteristics. Adjustments like clarity and sharpness can help balance these effects.

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