How to Remove Object in Lightroom? Step by Step – 2024

In the ever evolving landscape of digital photography, mastering techniques for a pro photographer is now an essential part in photography. There can be unwanted objects in our photos while capturing them. Here we will discuss how to remove object in Lightroom and how we can make our portraits more attractive, professional and fabulous. Be with us to know each and everything about this most sensitive and important part of photo editing.

How to remove object in lightroom

Benefits of removing objects in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool to refine and empower the photos in a unique and perfect style. Whether it used to do smooth skin, blur background and some other purposes. But to remove object in Lightroom is one of its finest features.

Adobe Lightroom offers you a wide range of editing features and tools to edit your portratits in more advanced and eye-catching style. Here, we will discuss in detail about the advantages to remove object in Lightroom. Stay connected with us and don’t miss even a single step to know that how to remove object in Lightroom.

Lr object Remove - Before and After

Enhancing visual focus

By eliminating the distractions from your photos, Lightroom is one the best options for you to empower your photography. By removing the unwanted objects from your photos ultimately enhance the visual focus of your photos. Through elimination of distracted objects, photographers can regain control over the viewer’s gaze.

Seamless storytelling

Adobe Lightroom has become a powerful editing tool to gain seamless storytelling outputs. By removing annoying objects from the portraits, photographers can easily make clean and eye-catching results from its photography.

Enhancement of visual impact

By diligently removing the unwanted objects, photographers amplify the visual impact of their work. The polished and refined outcome not only captivates viewers but also communicates a heightened level of professionalism and dedication to craft.

Creative freedom and control

Remove object in ightroom can easily done with Lightroom’s object removal tools that provides photographers with creative freedom and control over their visual narratives. The ability to selectively remove and retain elements allows for nuanced storytelling, where every pixel contributes meaningfully to the overall composition.

How to remove object in Lightroom?

To remove object in Lightroom is not very difficult. Just follow our steps to achieve mind blowing results. No matter, whether you are a pro in the editing field or not. Just have to look at our given steps.

Step-1: Import Your Image

  • First of all, you must have Adobe Lightroom Mobile on your device.
  • If you already have this, check it again, you must have the latest version of Lightroom.
  • Go to your library and select your photo from which you want to remove the object and import it into the lightroom’s timeline.
Import your image

Step-2: Select the develop module

  • Navigate to the develop module of the lightroom’s timeline.
  • Find the Healing tool at the bottom right corner of the tools line in the lightroom. 
Select the develop module

Step-3: Spot the removal tool

  • Here, you have to find an object removal tool.
  • Activate the object removal tool named “Remove”. 
Spot the removal tool

Step-4: Choose Clone or Heal Mode

  • Most of the time, your object will be removed by “remove tool”, but sometimes, it may not work properly.
  • So that Lightroom gives you two modes “Clone & Heal”. You can use these tools instead of removing tool.
  • However, Clone tool is used to remove the object and place specific (selected by you) from your picture to here just to come over the removed object.
Choose Clone or Heal Mode

Step-5: Adjust brush size

  • After selecting the removing tool, you have to adjust the brush size.
  • Adjust its size according to that object which you want to remove.
Adjust brush size

Step-6: Brush over the object

  • When you have adjusted the size of the object, brush over this onto that object.
  • While brushing over the object, there will be a red color over that object.
Brush over the object

Step-7: Refine your adjustments

  • Refine your adjustments as necessary to remove object in Lightroom.
  • Take your time to achieve a result that seamlessly integrates with the overall composition.
Refine your adjustments

Step-8: Export your picture

  • Finally, you can successfully remove object in Lightroom from your image.
  • Now, you can easily export this portrait into your lightroom’s storage as well as in your device gallery.
Export your picture

Happy to see you that finally you have successfully remove unwanted and unrelatable object from your photos and videos. But if you are using Lightroom in PC and still have no idea about that how to remove object in Lightroom PC then you can watch the given below video for complete and detailed guidelines.


By mastering the art of object removal in Lightroom, photographers can unleash the full potential of their compositions, creating visually stunning narratives free from distractions. This step-by-step guide serves as a roadmap to navigate the tools and techniques to remove object in Lightroom that elevate your editing skills, ensuring that each image tells a compelling and focused story.


Somehow yes, you can remove any unwanted object from your pictures but if you want a deep and minor elemination then you can use other editing softwares.

For object removal, lightroom is the best option for you. Beacuse Lightroom offers user friendly interface and advanced editing tools specifically designed for photographers.

Pay attension to the size of removal brush. Its size should be according to the size of object. This perfection lead you to achieve natural looking results.

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