Lightroom Wedding Presets – Top 12 Wedding Presets – 2024

In the field of wedding photography, capturing moments is not just a skill, it is the perfect art of photography. Do you also want to learn how to download and use these Lightroom wedding presets? Lightroom provides you with many powerful tools that help you make your wedding photography more skillful. In this discussion, we will guide you step-by-step details that will help you to save your movements. 

Lightroom wedding presets

Download Lightroom Wedding Presets

Cold wind

Cloud wind presets

Sunny Day

Sunny day presets

Pink Glasses

Pink Glasses presets

Cold Shadows

Cold shadows presets


Vintage presets


Contrast presets


Classic presets


Saturation presets

Benefits of Using Lightroom Wedding Presets

Here we will explore some advantages of using best wedding Lightroom presets for photographers.

Time Efficiency 

Photographers who attend wedding events to capture movements often have a tight schedule. Using Adobe Lightroom presets helps them edit photos quickly and they won’t need to worry about the quality of pictures. With the use of Lightroom presets photographers can save their precious time. 


To cover an album of the wedding must be needed for consistency in the edit to manage work. Lightroom presets for wedding photographers help them to maintain consistent style in all the images. 

Simplify Your Editing Workflow

Wedding preset Lightroom allow you to edit multiple photos at the same time. You can apply the same adjustments to different photos at the same time. Editing in a collection without any effort can simplify your workflow, and your results will be more suitable.

Photo Enchantment

Most wedding photos Lightroom presets are designed to enhance the romantic and emotional movements of wedding photos, they give a magic touch to your every shot. Wedding filter Lightroom preset makes easy editing for photographers and takes a short time to manage. 

Download wedding presets

How to Use Lightroom Wedding Presets?

Using wedding photography editing presets is such an easy process, now we will discuss how to use Lightroom wedding presets.

  • The first step is to download Lightroom presets from
  • After you download it next step is to unzip the preset file. Now open your Lightroom and go to the Develop module.
  • Find the preset panel and click the “+” icon to import the downloaded presets.
  • Now you have to import your photo what you want to edit. Import a photo from the gallery option that you desire to make changes.
  • It’s time to apply presets to the photos, go to the develop module and click on your selected image.
  • Now click on a preset from the presets panel to apply it to your photo.
  • After applying presets, you can fine-tune the settings to match the specific characteristics of each photo.
  • You can find the desired look by experimenting with exposure, contrast, and color adjustment.
  • Now your photo is ready you can save it to your device and share it with your friends and got a loveable comments from them.


Lightroom wedding presets can be very great tools for those photographers who want to bring consistency to their wedding photography. Even if you are a professional or a beginner photographer and capturing your friend’s special day, these presets can help you take your images to new heights. If you believe that Lightroom is an excellent tool, then go ahead and use it to simplify your life in the field of photography.


Yes, we also can develop personalized presets by adjusting settings and Lightroom and save them for further use.

Yes, Lightroom Mobile supports the use of presets and offers flexibility for editing. 

It is common to customize the settings of each photo to find the best results, even presets can also give you good results.

Yes, even though presets were created for weddings, they can be modified to suit different photography styles with a few changes.

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