Lightroom Vs Lightroom Classic – A Detailed Comparison – 2024

Are you struggling to understand the difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic? And did you want to know when and why you would use Lightroom Classic over CC? Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic can be a confusing question for you. Lightroom comes in two different versions; the original is desktop-based Lightroom Classic and the newer version is Lightroom CC. For a detailed overview, we will discuss these both deeply and find the best one for our goals.

Lightroom VS Lightroom Classic

Lightroom VS Lightroom Classic

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic – which one is the best for professional video editing? It is great mystery in itself. Although both are the versions of Adobe Lightroom but these are different from each other and have there own features and tools that are used for various types of video and photo editing. Here, we will explain them one by one, will solve this mystery Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic, and will choose one for you which will be according to your editing needs.

What is Lightroom? (Lightroom CC)

Lightroom is a cloud-based version that works on desktops and is mostly designed for Mobile devices. Lightroom is a versatile photo and video editor that works on various devices like web, mobile, or desktop. It is a Cloud-based platform that supports you to seamlessly edit your media files. It is mostly designed for photographers who want to access their images online and on different devices. 

In Lightroom, all your data is automatically stored in the cloud. This factor makes it more useful for traveling photographers or for those who want to edit their images from their phone or iPad.

What is Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom Classic was created especially for desktop use. Lightroom Classic is the perfect solution for photographers who need access to numerous tools. Lightroom Classic is an excellent option for professional photographers looking to enhance their skills of photography. Lightroom Classic controls numerous and more powerful tools than Lightroom CC. photos are stored only in local storage and can only be accessed on a desktop computer.

What Are The Main Differences B/W Lightroom and Lightroom Classic?

Now we will discuss the key differences between Lightroom and Lightroom Classic and will explain Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic.

File Storage


In Lightroom, your pictures are saved in a Cloud storage system, which allows you proper access to images from different devices. With the help of this cloud, you can find and edit your images from different devices like computers, tablets, iPads, or phones easily. If you take a picture from your phone camera and use Lightroom to polish it. Next, when you launch Lightroom on your computer, you’ll notice that the photo appears. This is because the catalog is shared across all your devices.

Lightroom Classic

With Lightroom Classic, all your data is stored locally, so you’ll need to have your storage device worries for those who edit their images using Lightroom Classic on their desktop or laptop. Lightroom allows users to store their files on their local hard drives. This can be more beneficial for those users who prefer to work offline.

User Interface 


If you’re a beginner or just starting Lightroom / Lightroom CC, it is very innovative,  and its user-friendly interface helps beginners to work without any worry. To truly understand the capabilities of the software, make sure to check out its various tutorials. Lightroom user interface is designed more easy and straightforward as compared to Lightroom Classic. It is designed to be user-friendly, which makes it easily accessible for beginners.

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic offers a complete set of tools, cleanly organized into different modules. Lightroom Classic has a more complex interface compared to Lightroom. But using the Classic version of Lightroom it allows you to access a large number of tools. Adobe Lightroom Classic retains a user interface that is similar to the traditional Adobe applications, which makes it more recognizable for users who are used to Adobe software.

Workflow For Your Images 


In Lightroom, image importing and organization is very simplified. All of your files will stored in easy-to-manage folders and albums. Firstly images are downloaded to your local device. May be on your desktop or mobile. And you can edit them at any time anywhere by sync to the cloud.

Lightroom Classic

On the other hand, Lightroom Classic uses a complex system of catalogs and collections. Once you are done editing Classic version gives you more options and flexibility to export your image. 

Importing and Exporting 


Lightroom had limited import and export options. Lightroom has very limited options for importing. For example, you cannot use presets or keywords during the import process. In the beginning,  when exporting, you didn’t have the freedom to select the file format for your image exports. However, Lightroom CC now offers a wider range of options, even if not as huge as Lightroom Classic.

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic provides great import and export capabilities. During the import process, you have the option to save your files to an external hard drive, utilize presets, and exclude specific images and folders from the import. In Classic you also have a number of export options. 

Image Organization and Search 


Both versions of Lightroom offer the best image search and organization abilities, but there is a little bit of difference between each other. The biggest difference is that Lightroom CC uses Adobe Sensei to find your desired objects. You can also search by camera model, keyword, or location. You can instantly access all your event photos with ease. 

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic does not have AI keywording or search, but on the other hand, it keeps more advanced filtering options you can search by lens, focal length, F-stop, or even IOS. if we look at performance it seems that Lightroom Classic is to be faster in terms of use.

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic : Price Comparison

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic, both are subscription based, so can purchase them from the Creative Cloud Photography Plans where Lightroom Classic will be available in the combination of Lightroom and Photoshop. In these packages, Lightroom individually is a little bit expensive as compared to the combo of Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop. So, you can prefer the combo for using the Lightroom Classic.

Lightroom Prices

Moreover, If you want to use Lightroom for free, the Adobe Lightroom Mobile is available for you where all the features are unlocked.

Comparison Table (Lightroom VS Lightroom Classic)

FeaturesLightroomLightroom Classic
TypeHas cloud-based subscription serviceHas desktop-based software
StoragePhotos can stored in the Adobe cloud storagePhotos can stored locally on your computer
AccessCan edit photos from any device with an internet connectionCan edit photos only on the computer where the Lightroom Classic is installed
Offline editingHas limited offline editing options with mobile appCan edit photos completely offline
CatalogNo local catalogLocal catalog manages your photos and edits
Presets & AdjustmentsLarge library of presets and adjustmentsSame library of presets & adjustments as Lightroom
Tools & featuresBasic editing tools, AI-powered featuresPowerful editing tools, advanced features like HDR

However, if you want to know Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic in a video format, then you can see the following video for complete details.

Videos Viewing and Editing Comparison

( Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic )

FeaturesLightroomLightroom Classic
Play video clipsAvailableAvailable
Tonal adjustmentsAvailableAvailable but limited to the quick develop panel
Clip beginning/endAvailableAvailable

Photos Viewing Comparison

( Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic )

FeaturesLightroomLightroom Classic
Grid viewAvailableAvailable
Details viewAvailableAvailable
Zoom inAvailableAvailable
Survey viewNot availableAvailable
Compare viewAvailableAvailable
Secondary ScreenNot availableAvailable

Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic – Which One You Have To Choose?

In the end, we will decide that from Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic, which one is the right version for you.

Choose Lightroom CC If:

  • You want your images available on a variety of different devices.
  • You are a beginner or just starting your photography journey, the CC version can help you to learn it very well.
  • You wish to make the most of the Discover and Learn tools.
  • You want to store your images in the cloud and easily available everywhere. 
  • You’re someone who enjoys taking casual shots or capturing moments on your mobile, all you need are some good editing tools to enhance your photos.
  • You want to find objects or recognize faces, you should try CC’s AI object search or face recognition.

Lightroom Interface

Choose Lightroom Classic If:

  • You would need to go with the Classic version if you do not have access to a fast internet connection.
  • You wish to use the full suite of advanced tools.
  • You work primarily on your desktop or your laptop.
  • You deal with a lot of pictures and want to skip paying for online storage.
  • Take complete control of your files – decide where they are stored, how they are backed up, and more.

Lightroom Classic Interface

Pros & Cons of Using Lightroom


  • Cloud-centric workflow.
  • Simplified interface.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited local storage.
  • Limited advanced editing tools.
  • Limited file management.

Pros & Cons of Using Lightroom Classic


  • Powerful local storage.
  • Extensive editing tools.
  • Comprehensive file management.
  • Editing access without an Internet connection.


  • Learning curves.
  • Less frequent updates.
  • Limited cloud storage.


In this article of Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic, Lightroom is more preferred software for photographers who want to edit anywhere, Lightroom Classic is still the top choice for most professionals. After this detailed discussion, we hope all the confusion will be cleared about the Lightroom vs Lightroom Classic. Some photographers may choose to use both methods, like professional photographers who have a large social media following and desire certain aspects of each approach. We suggest you use both versions and select the best one for your photography.


Lightroom is more reliable then the Lightroom Classic for beginners because of its user-friendly interface and cloud-based nature.

Yes, you can use both of them at the same time. They can be installed on the same computer without any difficulty.

Storage in Lightroom CC is based on your subscription plan, ranging from 30GB to 1TB and more.

While Lightroom CC is user-friendly most professional Photographers use Lightroom Classic for its advanced editing capabilities.

CC stands for Creative Cloud. Lightroom CC is now referred to as simply “Lightroom”.

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