Adobe Lightroom Presets Free Download in 2024

A preset is a saved set of photo-editing settings and controller for Lightroom that allows you to apply multiple settings of photo editing in a single click. Lightroom remains one of the best programs when it comes to “Presets” and applying them to photos to make any necessary adjustments. In this article, we will guide you each and everything about the professional Presets of of Lightroom, its multiple advantages, how to download and install them and also how to use them more effectively in a simple and unique way.

Lightroom Presets Download

Download Top Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Mod APK is a free, easy-to-use photo and video editor that helps you quickly capture and edit stunning images with powerful photo editing presets. Download Adobe Lr Presets in your device from here and celebrate your editing skills with your amazing editing and photography.

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Basic presets

Whether, you are making or capturing stunning photographs, raise your skills to the next level by using Basic presets.

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Portrait presets

Make model’s looks and characteristics in your pictures, just grab this Photography presets of Lightroom.

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Night presets

In this bundle of presets, you will get four presets to give night view in your photos and videos that give the professional look.

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Colour presets

Whether, you want to enhance your photos with color gradients or color pallets, must try Color presets at once in your life.

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Nature presets

If you are nature lover or want to give a cool and stunning looks in your photography then Nature presets are only for you.

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Architecture presets

Elaborate the architectural aesthetics with this package that have a collection of top 18 architecture presets and all are unique.

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Street presets

Convert your street pictures with the most embracing and marvelous city lighting just with the help of the Street presets of Lightroom.

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Animal presets

If you are a pet lover and want to make your beloved pets (that can be a dog or cat,) a star then this bundle of four Animal presets is for you.

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Other pretty presets

Get access of a collection top 43 incredible and smooth Lightroom presets in a single package to raise your photography to the next level.

Here, portrait presets are special one presets for photographer for outstanding editing. If you want best wedding presets, then you can use the pack of pretty presets that will suit your almost all types of events. However, color presets are best black and white presets for Lightroom for obtaining stunning videos. Night presets will give the feelings of Lightroom film presets that are no doubt an amazing feature of lightroom.

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are simple shortcuts to create amazing edits on your pictures. It’s like a ready-made filter that can give you the desired effect in no time. It’s great for editing photos, saving time and effort, and most importantly helps you to achieve unique looks that are difficult to create otherwise.

Once created or installed, Ai Lightroom presets can simplify your life and reduce the period you spend in post-production. However, Lightroom Mod Apk is the only application that provides you all premium but unlocked presets for free.

Lightroom Photo Edit Presets

Benefits of Using Lightroom Presets

Lightroom’s premium presets brings the same top-quality photo editing features that users love to video editing. There are multiple benefits to using after Lightroom Presets download. In this discussion, we will explore these advantages in detail.

Easy to Use

The Tools available in the Develop module of Lightroom can be quite powerful. There are various ways to customize them to fit your choice, making it challenging to determine where to begin and where to stop. Lightroom Presets download ASAP and take all the pressure out of creating your photos. This is a huge advantage for those who do not have much experience with Lightroom, as it gives them a great signal to edit their photos. Editing photos has been easier thanks to presets.

Great Learning Tool

If you are a non-experienced photographer or video editor, presets can be great tools for you to learn new skills. Once you try a preset on your photo then you can see which settings were updated and how they were adjusted. This opportunity allows you to understand the functioning of the editing tools and gain the confidence to customize the settings and create your special style.

Simplify Your Editing Workflow

Product photography Lightroom presets make your photo editing method more comfortable by enabling you to edit multiple images at once and apply the same adjustments to each one at the same time. Editing in collection with ease, your workflow can be very simple, and also your results will be more suitable.

Lightroom Presets & Filters

Time Efficiency 

Using Lightroom presets enables you to modify a complete range of settings and easily edit your photos with a single click. Additionally, Lightroom allows you to apply presets to multiple photos at once while importing them, automatically applying the presets to each photo. Save your valuable time by using presets in Lightroom instead of manually adding them to hundreds of photos one by one. This way you can also save downtime.

Customization and Flexibility

Professional photography presets are just great tools to get started on your editing journey. Using presets doesn’t mean closing the editing process. In reality, presets can help you to learn the hurdles of photo editing. Not every preset will look perfect in every photo, you have to make some adjustments to make it perfect. Presets give you the freedom to make these changes easily. You can also use the customization option to make the presets according to your desired style.

Achieve Complex & Unique Results

Have you ever loved the amazing work of an experienced photographer and wished you could make something equal, but didn’t know where to start? Lightroom Presets help you to do this with just a few clicks. By using this tool, you can transform your image to resemble the work of a skilled photographer.

However, If your device has old version or unable to install the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile, then you can download the Old Versions of Lightroom in your device and can enjoy the professional editing and create cool and eye-catching photo and video editing. Owning a preset will allow you to perform these amazing results that would take many hours to edit. You will be able to figure out how to do it.

How to Use Lightroom Presets?

When you do Lightroom presets download, make sure you have the most recent update of Lightroom CC desktop (version 1.4 or newer) and Lightroom mobile installed. Sign in with your Adobe ID to get started.

Importing Presets into Lightroom

To get started, you’ll need Lightroom preset packs in your device. Presets are usually downloaded as xmp or, lrtemplate files, so locate these files on your desktop. Once you have found them, open Lightroom and navigate to the Develop module. In the presets panel, right-click and select the option to import a file. Choose the downloaded preset file and click on ‘import’ to import it.

Applying Presets to Photos

After importing presets in Lightroom, it’s time to apply preset to all photos. Select a photo you like to edit, then head over to the develop module and open the presets panel. Click on the preset you want to see the effects of your selected photo. Once you’ve chosen your desired preset, your photo is all set for a live preview. To quickly compare the original and edited versions of your photo, simply press the ‘y’ key.

Customize Presets

Presets in Lightroom allow you to customize it easily after applying a preset, and use its strength slider to control the intensity of the effect. You can fine-tune the original settings of a preset to perfectly match the unique qualities of each photo. You can save your custom editing styles as a preset by selecting ‘new preset’ in the develop module.

Organizing and Managing Presets 

To organize your Lightroom presets you can manage them by creating folders in the presets panel. You can add your favorite presets to these folders which will helpful to you later find these presets easily. If you want to remove any preset simply right-click to select preset and choose the ‘delete’ option to remove it.

Installing Presets in Lightroom Classic (version 7.3 or New) on Windows

The following instructions will guide you through the installation for Lightroom Classic version 7.3 or later which uses the xmp file format. For all older versions please see the instructions below. 

  • Download your purchased Lightroom Presets from pretty presets. The zip file will contain the presets.
  • Please navigate to the Develop Module in Lightroom and select File>Import Develop Profiles and Presets (refer to the image provided).
  • Now you will need to navigate to the ZIPPED preset file you downloaded. You can also pick up already unzipped downloaded xmp files.
  • All the presets are now prepared for use and can be located in the presets section situated on the left-hand side.

Installing Presets in Lightroom 4,5,6, & (version 7.2 or New) on Windows

The following instructions will guide you through the installation of Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and Lightroom Classic Version 7.2 or older which uses the lrtemplate files installed of the newer xmp files.

  • Open your PC go into Lightroom click on edit at the head(next to File), then click on preferences.
  • On a Mac, click on the Lightroom tab(to the left of the file), then click on preferences.
  • There will be a new screen that pulls up with a few tabs at the top. Click on presets (the second tab).
  • Click on the box titled, show Lightroom presets folder if you are on an older version of Lightroom.
  • If you are on a newer version of Lightroom Classic, click on the show all-order Lightroom presets box.
  • Double-click on Lightroom and next, double-click on the Develop presets folder.
  • Copy the contents of the pretty presets folder, found in your download, into the develop presets folder.
  • Finally, restart Lightroom, and you have done it. Your presets are now installed.
  • To apply them, open the Presets panel on the left side of your screen and use the small triangle to open the folder.
  • Click any preset in the folder to apply on it.

Installing Presets in Lightroom CC on Windows

The instructions will guide you through the Presets installation process for Lightroom CC.

  • Download your purchased Lightroom Presets from pretty presets. The .zip file will contain the presets.
  • Open Lightroom CC and click on any image. Click on file import profiles and presets in the top head menu.
  • Next, you will need to be guided to the Zipped preset file you downloaded. You can also pick hare already unzipped XMP files.
  • Now all presets are ready to be used. Access the presets panel located on the right side and select a preset to apply.

Install Lightroom Presets

Installing Lightroom Presets in Mobile

Two methods live to install the amazing Lightroom presets onto your mobile device application. Method 1 is the most effective as it is the most effortless and fastest way to install Lr presets. If you do not have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you need to go for method 2 which will take some extra time.

Method 1

  • You need to import presets in Lightroom desktop applications early.
  • Please read the detailed instructions above. You must use the Lightroom CC and not the Lightroom classic application.
  • After installing all presets they will automatically be synced to your mobile device via the cloud.

Method 2

The following instructions will guide you through the installation process for the free Lightroom mobile app for IOS and Android without the usage of the Lightroom desktop app.

Guide to Installing Lightroom Presets on Android Devices

  • After downloading the application onto your desktop you need to transfer the mobile presets Android Zip onto your device.
  • Open your Lightroom application and select an image from your library. Go down to the bottom of the toolbar and press presets to the right.
  • Now Press the three dots icon and select Import Presets.
  • Now you have to operate to the folder where you downloaded the ZIP file and import it.
  • You can also extract the ZIP file by using the My Files app and import only selected files of the content.

Guide to Installing Lightroom Presets on iPhone/IOS

  • Once you have successfully downloaded the application onto your desktop, the next step is to extract the mobile presets iPhone zip file.
  • After that, simply transfer all the DNG files to your device. Do this via Airdrop is highly suggested as it is the fastest way.
  • Start the Lightroom app on your iPhone and press the + icon in your library to create a new folder.
  • You may name this folder  “presets’’ and open it. Then click ‘’Create new album’’  and name your album after the presets you downloaded.
  • Once you are in the album of presets, press the ‘’add’’ icon to import new images.
  • Now you need to navigate to the folder where you transferred the DNG files and select + open all of them.
  • Open the first image and click  ‘’Create preset’’ in the menu after pressing the three dots on the top right.
  • Name the preset after the preset pack and save it to the preset group.
  • Repeat the last two steps with every single DNG file(image) until you get all presets listed in the preset panel.


Lightroom presets aren’t just about editing photos; they’re about remaking moments into timeless visual awards. Lightroom has best photo presets for iPhone that are very powerful and incredible tools for photographers. If you are a professional photographer and want to utilize your time, presets can help you streamline your workflow, maintain a consistent style, and discover creative features. So, unlock the magic of photography and take the benefits of presets in Adobe Lightroom to take your photography to the next level.


To download Lightroom presets go to where you can download them for free. Presets often come in XMP or Lrtemplate file formats.

Sure! In the Develop module, you can customize the settings to according  your choice. Once you’re glad, just click on the ‘’+’’ icon found in the presets panel to develop a brand-new preset.

Yes, Adobe Lightroom helps with xmp and lrtemplate presets. Import them following the same process.

To remove a preset, simply right-click on it in the Presets panel and select the option “Delete”. This will get rid of any unnecessary presets.

Adobe Lightroom mobile supports xmp presets. Import them through the desktop version and sync your catalogue to access them on mobile.

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