Lightroom Photography Presets – Top 12 Photography Presets – 2024

Do you spend a long time editing photos? I know it’s very hard to edit the pictures one by one. In a professional photography time and quality of image is very important. The Lightroom photography presets are the best tool to edit your pictures quickly in one click. You can make your picture very high quality and detailed. Your pictures come out brighter and cleaner than raw formats. In this article, we will talk about how to download photographer presets and upgrade your photographic skills.

Lightroom Photography Presets

Download Photography Lightroom Presets

Signature Presets

Signature presets

Enlighten Presets

Enlighten presets

Contrastly Presets

Contrastly presets

Brightening Presets

Brightening presets

Portra-160 Presets

Portra 160 presets

Spectra Presets

Spectra presets

Clean Face Presets

Clean Face Presets

Analog Look Presets

Analog Look Presets

Hipster Presets

Hipster Presets

Vogue Presets

Vogue presets

Spotlight Presets

Spotlight Presets

Fashion Presets

Fashion Presets

Benefits of Using Lightroom Photography Presets

Here are some benefits of using Lightroom photography presets. 

Perfect for beginners

The presets are simply a great way to make your photos look good. If you are just starting in editing, then presets are a great way to make your photos look good. This means that you are an expert in editing.


The photographer preset simplifies your editing. You can further change color settings after applying them. By this, you can focus on every point in the image. Free presets are good for personalizing photos. However, if you don’t want manual customization then beach lightroom presets can be the best option for you to make your photos looks professional with just a single click.

Speed up workflow

It only requires one click to finish your project. There are different types of presets available, just look at the colors and effects and apply them. Presets allow you to focus on taking photos instead of editing them.

Professional look

Presets are essentially shortcuts to professional-looking photos. You can instantly get professional looks with pre-made presets created by experts. You’ll be able to achieve a consistent look throughout your portfolio.

Download Lightroom Photography Presets

How to Import and Use Photography Presets For Free?

It might be difficult for you to find the  photography lightroom presets. Here is a step-by-step instruction to download and use the presets. I have explained all the steps clearly.

  • First download the Lightroom photography presets file from Make sure to save this file in a folder where you can easily find it.
  • Open Lightroom on your mobile, and go to the Develop module to see the presets panel. This part of Lightroom is for editing and applying presets.
  • Now import your downloaded Lightroom photography presets into the Lightroom app. Click the + button on the top right of the screen. It will open a menu where you can select the downloaded preset file.
  • Select the photo you want to edit. Pick your photo from the gallery and wait until it opens in the Lightroom editing timeline.
  • After importing the image in the timeline, go back to the Develop module where your newly imported presets are present. Click on one of the Lightroom photography presets. You will see some changes in effects on the image.
  • It is common to adjust settings such as exposure, contrast, white balance, and colors after applying the preset. Lightroom offers sliders for each to make it easy to adjust.
  • Experiment with various presets to find out which one matches your photo best. Each preset can give your photo a unique mood and look.
  • After doing all the changes on a photo, you are now ready to save this file.
  • Choose the three-dot option on the screen. Then, click the option to save to this device. The photo will now be saved to your computer.


Your workflow for editing becomes so much better. After applying Lightroom photography presets, your camera shots look awesome. There is no need for complicated adjustments in Lightroom presets. They give you more time to capture important moments. There is no loss of details or image quality. There are bundles of photography presets that you can apply to photos. 


Photography presets are saved settings that instantly change color settings in a photo. You can also say it is a kind of filter.

Yes, professional photographers often use presets to save time.

Yes, you can apply presets to many photos at once in Lightroom.

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