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In the world of Photo and video editing, Adobe Lightroom Mobile has become one of the finest, unique and more powerful tool. However, most of the users have their android devices with old versions which are not compatible with the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom APKs. Therefore, they want Adobe Lightroom old version that will be light-weight and will compatible with their devices. Here, we are providing all old but perfect and non-corrupted versions of Lightroom Apk, and we will happy to give them all old versions for free.

Lightroom Old versions

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Adobe Lightroom Version v9.1.1

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Adobe Lightroom Version v9.0.1

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Adobe Lightroom Version v9.0.0

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Adobe Lightroom Version v8.5.2

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Adobe Lightroom Version v8.5.1

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Adobe Lightroom Version v8.4.2

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Adobe Lightroom Version v8.3.2

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Adobe Lightroom Version v8.2.2

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Adobe Lightroom Version v8.1.1

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Adobe Lightroom Version v8.1.0

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Adobe Lightroom Version v7.3.1

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Adobe Lightroom Version v6.1.0

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Adobe Lightroom Version v5.2.1

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Adobe Lightroom Version v4.4.1

Advantages of Using Lr Old Versions

Whenever the topic of editing apps comes up, Lightroom is one of the best apps of all. Its user-friendly benefits like feature set, capability with older devices, and resource efficiency make it more reliable. Lightroom is a well-known app in the editing world due to its amazing presets, and editing tools. However, the real question is, what are the different features that make the old version of Lightroom more loyal than its new version?

Let’s explore all of its features and determine the most suitable one for your needs. Now we will discuss all the features of Lightroom old versions deeply.

Capability with Old Version Devices

The Lightroom old version might work better with devices that have lower hardware specifications. Users with older smartphones or tablets can benefit from this as it enables them to use Lightroom without any performance problems. Using the older version of Lightroom on older devices provides greater reliability compared to the new version. If you have an older device with little hardware specifications, it is advised to use the old version of the Lightroom app as it is more consistent with older devices.

Stability and Reliability

Lightroom apk old version download have been through a lot of testing and bug fixes in the past. This makes them seem more stable and responsible compared to the latest versions, which are still working on fixing recently found problems. Using an old version of Lightroom brings greater satisfaction compared to the latest one as it operates with patience and delivers more useful results to you. 

In case of stability, one of the finest lr preset which is Light Lightroom Presets. One of the premium speciality of these presets is that these have a stable and reliable pre-designed settings for advanced photos and videos editing that can give a magical improvement to your editing.

Feature set

Some users may choose to use an older version of Lightroom because it offers the features they prefer. If newer versions have changed or removed certain features, users may choose to stick with an older version that has the functionalities they require. Older versions of Lightroom have proven to be more reliable for users, which is why they always prefer them for their feature sets.

Avoidance of Subscription Models

Lightroom older versions might not need a subscription or might have a one-time purchase choice. Certain users like the comfort of owning software completely instead of subscribing to a service, which makes an older version attractive to them. Lightroom provides a 7-day trial period you can freely explore all its features. However, in the previous version, there is no need for a subscription as you can enjoy all the features for free.

Resource Efficiency

Older application versions are usually less demanding on resources, taking up less storage space and needing more system resources. This can benefit users who have limited storage capacity on their devices. Users with devices that have limited resources can easily use the Lightroom old version, which offers greater comfort and reliability for their projects due to its efficient use of resources.

Pros & Cons of Adobe Lr Old Versions


  • Stability: Using older versions of Lightroom may provide better stability on your particular computer, particularly if you are using an older operating system.
  • Wide range of editing tools and filters:  The old version of Lightroom offers a variety of editing tools and filters to support users in achieving excellent results in their editing projects.
  • User-friendly interface:  Lightroom’s previous version has a user-friendly interface that assists beginners in achieving results similar to professional photographers. 
  • Familiarity: If you are used to the older version, you may find comfort and familiarity in using the interface and features you are addicted to.
  • Resource Requirements: Older models may need less powerful systems, which can work well for older computers or ones with fewer resources. 


  • Lack of updates: Lightroom Old version do not get updates, so you won’t have access to the newest features, bug fixes, and improvements.
  • Missing Features:  Upgraded software has better features and tools for editing images and improving workflow. Using an older version means not benefiting from these advancements.
  • Limited camera and lens support:  Older software versions may have compatibility issues with new camera models and lenses that are released.


Lightroom is currently one of the top apps for editing photos and videos. Using the Lightroom old version are more reliable for users because it offers a wide range of benefits it is user-friendly with those users who have old devices with fewer hardware specifications. It does not require any subscription you can use it for free. We hope, you will get very valuable information from our site ( ). So, download Lightroom old version and take your editing skills to the next level.

However you can also download the up-to-date and bugs free versions of Adobe Lightroom Mobile from our website.

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