Lightroom Film Presets – Top 09 Film Presets – 2024

Lightroom Film presets are a great way to get a classic film look on your digital photos. Did you also want to know how to make your simple photos look filmy? Don’t need to worry you are at the right place, here we will provide you with detailed guidance to know how powerful Lightroom presets are and how you can make your photos amazing by using them. So let’s go take a deep snapshot from this article. 

Lightroom Film Presets

Download Lightroom Film Presets


Vintage preset

Tonning Warm

Tonning warm preset

Soft Skin

Soft Skin preset


Contrast preset

Portrait Soft

Portrait Soft Preset

Beige Color

Contrast Dark

Contrast Dark Preset


Grains Preset


Retro Preset

Benefits of Using Film Lightroom Presets

You can also use Black and white lightroom presets to get B&W color touch to uour photos. Now here, we will discuss some of the benefits of using Free Lightroom Film Presets.

Time Efficiency 

Best Film Presets make photo editing faster and easier by instantly improving your pictures. This is particularly beneficial for photographers who have busy schedules. For photographers who have busy schedules and want to save their precious time, Lightroom free film presets are the best option for them.

Consistency in Style 

Lightroom mobile presets free allow you to establish a consistent style across your photos even your entire portfolio. Film presets help you work with the same consistency without any worry about the results and quilty. 

Creative and Inspiration 

Photographers have the opportunity to explore various styles and discover inspiration for their specific looks by utilizing a wide range of Film Presets. It is such a great tool for sparking creativity. 

Download Film Presets

How to Import and Use Lightroom Film Presets?

Now we will discuss how to use and download Lightroom color grading presets free.

  • The first step is to Download Lightroom Film Preset free from
  • Now open Lightroom, navigate to the Develop module and find the Presets panel.
  • Click on the “+”  sign to choose import presets. Select your downloaded presets, and add this to your collection.
  • Now you will need to import the desired photo that you want to edit.
  • Select your desired photo from the gallery option and wait until it shows on the Lightroom edit page. 
  • Once you select your photo it is time to apply presets, select the photo you want to edit, go through the development module, and click on the best film preset that you want to apply.
  • This will apply easily to your photo and make it more beautiful.
  • Film look presets for Lightroom free provide you with a fantastic starting point, but don’t forget to fine-tune your edits.
  • Adjust the contrast, highlight, and exposure to achieve your desired looks.
  • Now your photo is ready you can export it and can save it to your device easily. 
  • After applying the presets and making all the settings, confirm them again.
  • Now you can export your photo by clicking on three dots and it will give you an option of “ save copy to device”.
  • By clicking on this photo will save into your device.


Lightroom film presets are a game-changer for those photographers who are looking to bring more consistency and creative inspiration into their workflow. To change photos from digital vibes to classic looks Film presets for Lightroom make photographers more confident to achieve their desired goals. So Lightroom movie presets are such great tools to enhance your capabilities and take your photography to the next level.


Lightroom Film presets provide you with a starting point, it is important to find your own fine-tuned setting for each photo to find the best results. 

Yes, Lightroom allows you to create and save your own presets. You can make experiments in settings to find your unique style and you can save them for the future.

Presets are versatile and can be applied to various genres of Photography, including portraits and landscapes. 

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