Light and Airy Lightroom Presets – Top 09 Airy Presets – 2024

Do you want to make soft, clean, and glowing Instagram photos that everyone likes? Camera shots sometimes lack enough light, which makes your image appear colorless. The light and airy looks make your image bright, soft, and fresh. The light and airy look is difficult to attain manually by controlling color parameters. Then light and airy Lightroom presets are best for making pictures feel white. Presets make you easy to do with a few clicks. In this article we will explain how to download and use presets in your photos.

Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

Download Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

Light Contrast

Light Contrast Presets

Light Soft

Light Soft Presets

Airy Brighten

Airy Brighten Presets

Airy Dream

Airy Dream Presets

Light Apricot

Light Apricot Presets

Spring Matte

Spring Matte Presets

Light Warm

Light Warm Presets

Airy Purple

Airy Purple Presets

Light Rosy

Light Rosy Presets

Benefits of Using Bright and Airy Presets

High Quality

The quality of the raw image becomes better. The pixels remain the same as in the original images. It restores 75% of your skin tones. The presets export your image in the highest quality file size up to 4 MB which is ideal for shutter stock standards. 

Focus on the Subject

These presets are just not bright and soft images but keep a strong focus on your subjects, especially on portrait shots. The light and airy look removes the distraction from the background. The object remains standing out from the background.

Multiple Variation

Light airy Lightroom presets come in different types due to their high demand. You can use all types of photography. There are little changes in the colors and adjustments. Therefore, apply them one by one, so that you fill in the colors. If one does not suit, you can quickly choose another airy preset. If you are a photographer you make an album in different variations.

Fully Customizable

The light and airy Lightroom presets are fully customizable. After applying them to your photos, you can still make changes. In this way you can focus on the small details of your pictures, making sure every part adds to the overall aesthetic. With this adaptability, free light and airy presets for Lightroom are an excellent tool for enhancing your images in a personal way.

However, if your device is not compatible withthe latest version of Lightroom, then you can use the Lightroom Old version and can enjoy the outstanding output of your editing skills.

Download Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

How to Import and Use Light and Airy Presets Lightroom Free?

Here is the step-by-step guide and how to download and use the light and airy Lightroom presets. 

  • The first step is to download your light and airy fall photos Lightroom presets from
  • Now open Lightroom and navigate to the Develop module where you will find the presets panel.
  • Press the + icon on the right top of the screen to import the presets in Lightroom. Select all your files from the file and it adds your album.
  • Open the image that you want to edit and apply light and airy lightroom presets on it. Select those images from the gallery and wait until they appear on the editing timeline of Lightroom.
  • Now we apply presets on your image. Click on the develop module and pick your desired airy presets.
  • The light and airy lightroom presets will be applied automatically to your image.
  • You can further control adjustments in this image like exposure, white balance, and colors.
  • Experiment with different presets and find what looks best suited for your photo.
  • In this step, you will save the presets made on your device.
  • On the screen, find the three-dot option. This will bring up an option to save to this device. Click this option and save the photo to your computer.


The light and airy lightroom presets make your images more visionary. The struggle to achieve air and brighter looks is reduced with these presets. If your images look too exposed, reduce them a bit. It works well with all photos, but if you apply it to flower shots, it looks beautiful. Presets are only effective when the light is good, if your shots have good light they will be effective. So try all of the provided airy presets and share your experiences.


Yes, light and airy presets are worth it for achieving a soft, bright, and natural look in photos.

Yes it will in both of these versions of adobe.

 No they don’t affect the natural skin tone.

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