How to Import Presets in Lightroom? – Step by Step Guide – 2024

Are you confused and have no idea about it that how to import presets in Lightroom? Many users skip the Lightroom presets importing because they find it difficult to find the presets. There are 40 types of presets available in the Lightroom app from basic to portrait. Photographers need enough options for editing to enhance their work. The main advantage of adding presets to Lightroom is that it speeds up the editing process and it manages the multiple images. In this article, we will explore how to import a bundle of presets in Lightroom.

Import Presets in Lightroom

What are Presets?

Presets are the premade settings that contain all basic settings like colors, exposure, and vibrance. They suddenly change the look of their image. The purpose of the presets is to make the image more clear and sharp. It would be a great change in photo add Lightroom presets. Here, we will explain that how to import presets in Lightroom on Mobile and PC.

How to Import Presets in Lightroom Mobile?

The process of import presets in Lightroom is very easy. If you have a pack of presets present these are the steps to install the presets file in the latest version of the LR APK.

  • Download the DNG presets file from After downloading save your preset file in Google Drive, Dropbox, and Creative Cloud.
  • Save here because it is easy to find from Lightroom. This is because it is easy to access these files.
  • Open the Lightroom app, go to the import section and import the presets files from Google Drive.
  • Open the presets DNG file and import all the presets from the file with a single click. All of your presets are imported into the Lightroom.
  • Create the presets with uploaded preset photos and save the settings.
  • Rename your presets. Use the same default name preset.
  • Repeat these steps and do other presets. All presets were added to the presets section. 

How to Import Presets in Lightroom PC?

Lightroom presets create much impact in photos and also in videos when you go to YouTube Live. The process to import presets in Lightroom on PC is similar to the mobile process. However, some users are confused about how to import it into a PC. 

  • First, download the XMP preset file from a reliable source on your computer. 
  • Open the Lightroom software and select the photo you want to edit.
  • Now use the shortcut key Ctrl+J to go quickly to develop the menu. This saves you time in finding the developer mode.
  • Look at the presets menu on the right side. Go there and add the file from your computer.
  • The presets are imported and appear in the right side panel. Click on one by one and see the changes on the photo.
  • Exit and open the Lightroom again. You will see many presets in the presets section.

How to Import Presets in Lightroom on iPhone?

The process to import presets in Lightroom on Apple devices is similar to that of Android devices. Here are the details on how you can do it.

  • Download the lightroom presets purchased zip file from adobe.
  • Find your download file in the device and long hold on the download file and click uncompress. This will allow you to unzip the file and make different folders containing presets.
  • Now open the lightroom on the iphone and import the photos from the unzip folders. Select the images and import all of the DNG files.
  • Once you import these files into your app, press long hold on the photo, you will be able to see the effect to save the presets.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen. You will see the setting name create the presets.
  • Name your presets with their original name and save your presets. 
  • Check your presets, and they are added to the presets list.
  • Repeat this process on other presets to create the group of presets.

Yeah! Import presets in Lightroom for ios is successfully done. Now you can apply these presets on iPhone captured photos.

Importing Lightroom presets in iPhone


If photography is your hobby try lr presets in editing. The preset files are necessary before importing them into Lightroom. One great thing about presets is that they can also be used in Photoshop. Lightroom presets are something that is not difficult to handle for new beginners. The installation is a little bit tricky but it is not difficult to import. A little edition changes the photography journey.


Yes , if you are importing in Lightroom pc . They also work in Lightroom mobile.

Just login your adobe id in iPhone. It imports all the presets in the iPhone without importing through file.

No, presets were not deleted. They still remain present in the Lightroom.

You should download the DNG file for mobile and XMP for pc.

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