How to Use Lightroom Classic? A Detailed Guide – 2024

If you’re new to editing and starting your journey with Lightroom and searching for a simple guide to learn Lightroom Classic. In this article we are going to provide you with a detailed guide on how to use Lightroom Classic. In the beginning, Lightroom was created for primary editing purposes like sorting your photos, post-processing them, and exporting them. Nowadays, Lightroom has become one of the best photo editing applications. It is highly recommended by professional photographers who chase outstanding results. Below we will discuss in detail that how to use Lightroom Classic to find the best results for your projects. 

How to Use Lightroom classic

What is Lightroom Classic?

Lightroom is a photo-editing software that gives access to sort your photos, edit them, and export them. Lightroom Classic was uniquely designed for desktop users, especially photographers who desire access to a wide range of tools. Lightroom Classic offers a range of powerful tools to enhance your photography skills and edit your photos.

Why use Lightroom Classic?

Adobe’s Lightroom is a regularly used software in the field of photography. Lightroom Classic was the original Lightroom version and remains the most powerful for editing photos when in comparison to Lightroom CC. Lightroom combines file management features with photo editing tools. It also includes simple tools for making books, slideshows, and web galleries.

Lightroom is compatible with raw files from many digital cameras and is frequently used for editing multiple photos at once. It can connect with the Creative Cloud and enables teamwork. Lightroom Classic is known for its reliability, thanks to these key features. However, you can also batch edit your photos with the help of Adobe Lightroom.

How to Use Lightroom Classic?

Here, we will explained every signle step and minor things about that how to use Lightroom classic for extra ordinary editing.

1- Importing Photos

  • First step is to import your photo to start our editing process, to import photo Launch Lightroom Classic and select the “import” option to import your photo. 
  • After clicking on the “import” option it will give you options to choose the source of your photo eg (camera, hard drive, memory card). 
  • Then select your desired photo which you want to edit and import the photo to the editing panel. 

2- Organize Photos

  • Next step is to organize your photos. To organize photos you can use folders, collections and keywords to organize them.  
  • Use keywords to tags and categorize your photos and make collections and smart collections of your photos. 
Interface of Lightroom Classic

3- Edit Photos 

  • After the organization of photos it is time to edit photos, go to the develop module, adjust exposure, contrast, color and many more using sliders. 
  • You can also use presets to create your own decent editing.
  • Utilize local adjustment tools like the adjustment brush, graduated filter, and radial filter for selective edits.

4- Exporting Photos 

  • Once you’ve finished editing, you can now export your photo. Before doing so, take a moment to review and confirm your settings.
  • To export your photo select your photo and then choose export setting such as a file format, size, and quality. 
  • Please point out where you would like to export your photos and then click on the “Export” button to save your edited images. 

We are sure that now you have well understnad that how to use Lightroom Classic. However, if you want it in detail or some extra bonus tips that how to use Lightroom Classic in a professional way then you can see the given video for this purpose.


Lightroom Classic provides  access to the many powerful tools which helps you to organize, edit, and export your photos. You can try out different edits without changing the original images with the help of its non-destructive editing workflow. Lightroom Classic provide tools that are helpful for both beginners and professionals. Lightroom Classic is a great option to enhance your editing skills and discover new creative capabilities for your photos.


Yes, Lightroom Classic supports RAW files from a wide range of cameras. 

Lightroom Classic is mainly created for desktop usage, but you have the option to synchronize collections with Lightroom Mobile for editing while on the move.

Yes, you can edit multiple photos at the same time using sync settings or presets. 

Yes, Lightroom Classic allows you to undo your settings unlimited times, you can revert any changes at any time. 

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