How to Blur Background in Lightroom? – Step by Step – 2024

Lightroom is such powerful photo-editing software that allows photographers to enhance their photos in different ways. One of the best features is to blur background in Lightroom of your photos to create a slideshow. Did you want to learn how to blur the background in Lightroom? Don’t worry you are at the right place. We will provide you with a detailed guide step-by-step. After reading this detailed guide we hope you will get enough information to blur background in Lightroom.

Blur Background in Lightroom

Reasons to Blur Background in Lightroom?

There are many reasons that photographers use blurring background effects in Lightroom, it makes their subject more attractive. Here, we will discuss some of the main reasons why photographers use blurred backgrounds in Lightroom.

More Focus To The Subject 

When photographers are attending weddings to capture moments the main focus often is on people. They always want to focus on the main subjects no matter how beautiful the setting is. That’s why it’s important for photographers who shoot weddings to have the skill of blur in Lightroom.

To Achieve Dreamy Look

When you want to give your finished image a dreamy and timeless look, you may need to increase the level of background blur. A skillfully applied, deeper blur can help create a beautifully timeless and lovely look that many couples desire for their wedding photographs.

Hide Unwanted Elements 

Lightroom’s blur background feature is a great tool to hide any unwanted elements in your photos that you dislike. Whenever you capture pictures and find elements that you do not like, simply use this feature to blur the background and make those elements disappear.

For Professional Portraits

In portrait photography, a blurred background is mostly used to create more impact in photography. Using this feature mostly impacts the face of the subject and it makes the background less impactful. As a result, it gives a more professional and polished look to the subject.

Background in Lightroom

How to Blur Background in Lightroom Mobile? – Step by Step

Whenever you shoot pictures but can’t get perfect focal balance with your camera during the shot, and you want to add more clarity to your photo, adding a blurred background can be a good solution. Hare we will discuss how to blur background in Lightroom, so read these points carefully.

Install & Open Lightroom APK

  • Before we start over the blur background in Lightroom process, the first step is to install the latest version of Lightroom.
  • You can install Adobe Lightroom from
  • If you already have Lightroom make sure it is the latest version of Lightroom.
  • If you have the old version of Lightroom you will need to update it to get more editing capabilities.
  • Now open Lightroom software to start the process.
Download Lightroom APK

Import your photo into Lightroom

  • Open Adobe Lightroom to start our editing process.
  • The first step is to import an image that we want to edit.
  • Choose a photo from the gallery option that you desire to make changes and wait until it shows on the editing page of Lightroom.
Import your photo

Set-up brush tool for creating a Background Mask

  • You have to make your mask in Lightroom to ensure that the blur you apply only affects the background of the photo.
  • This process can be done by painting the background with an adjustment brush, such as a brush tool to blur background in Lightroom.
  • In the brush panel, you have the option to choose a preset brush effect or personalize your effect by modifying the settings.
  • The more you improve in customizing these settings, the better you will be at achieving the blur effect you desire.
setup brush tool

Paint the background of image

  • When you have created a new mask, before applying it make sure you have selected the option of showing the selected mask overlay in Lightroom.
  • After selecting this it will highlight these areas in red so that you can see it.
  • It allows users to select the size of the brush, which can help them select the parts of the photo that should be blurred.
  • It also allows you to remove a section of the image from the mask by using the erase brush.
Paint the background

Adjust the blur effect with clarity and sharpness filters

  • Once you select the background of the image that should be blurred.
  • Now you can edit the clarity and sharpness settings in Lightroom to change the impact of the blur effect.
  • Many professionals suggest setting the values of both at -100 to fully blur the background of your image, but the correct settings will be different for each one.
Adjust blur effect

Export and save your photo

  • Your process has been completed now you can import your image to your device.
  • Check your settings again and export the image by clicking on 3 dot and tap on “save copy to device”.
Export and save your photo

However, if you want to blur background in Lightroom on PC, then you can watch the given video for the complete and detailed guidlines.


Lightroom is such an amazing platform for photographers who are looking to enhance their capabilities. To blur background in Lightroom is a unique feature of Adobe ightroom that provides a professional look to your image. Using different brush settings and practice to achieve the perfect balance between the main subject and the beautifully blurred background makes photographers more expert.


There are various methods to blur the background in Lightroom. The Brush Tool is one of the most powerful tools for achieving this effect.

Yes, you can apply a blurred background to max photos in Lightroom. Mostly the effectiveness of the blur depends on the resolution of the photo.

Adobe is a non-destructive software that enables you to undo your changes whenever you want.

It is possible to include a blurry background in Lightroom, but adding a new background in Lightroom can be challenging.

Yes, Lightroom Classic also has similar features to the latest version of Lightroom.

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