Vinatge Aesthetic Lightroom Presets – Top 09 Aesthetic Presets – 2024

In photography, everybody has different coloring and tone choices. Some people like modern photography because they want to make images more vivid and brighter. Some others like old money filters similar to 90s cameras. Those who love old styles don’t have good techniques to make images old. Aesthetic lightroom presets are made for this type of style. Vintage presets give the warmth effects in the image. In these presets they change the colors and add temperature so that the image looks very old. Some people called by other names 80s preset lightroom.

Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

Download Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

Aesthetic Lightroom Presets are also known as Vintage Lightroom Presets. However, its names also use in a combine form that is Vinatge Aesthetic Lightroom Presets.

Fade Lights

Fade Lights Presets

Soft Colors

Soft Colors Presets


Daydreaming Presets

Soft Sepia

Soft Sepia Presets


Forest Preset


Darken Preset

Gold Light

Gold Light Preset

Old Style

Old Style Preset

Dark Warm

Dark Warm Preset

Benefits of Using Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

Use for Social Media Content

You can make a vintage niche in photography. You can use these retro lightroom presets on different types of photos like city buildings, old machinery, and groups of friends and family. Share these images on social media and there is a high chance that people will love your content. This can greatly improve your popularity and reputation as a vintage photographer.

Making Fun

It can be entertaining to test your photos with different colors and tones. You can see how the filters transform your images. Some people are amazed by the new look of their photos. So create the old type of fun using vintage presets. Vintage makes your photos look like they were taken 20 years ago.

Time Keeping

Vintage photo tint effects require a high level of understanding in photo editing skills. There are high chances of time wasting without skills. You got frustrated and quit the editing. Preset saves your lot of hours in editing. It simplifies your work with some clicks.

Take Less Load

The file size of vintage presets is very light weight. It only takes up one 1mb of space. It quickly loads on your lightroom app.  When you use the vintage presets to edit your photos, it will not slow down your mobile. So you work in continuous rhythm without clearing device cache.

Vintage Aesthetic Lightroom Presets

How to Import and Use Aesthetic Lightroom Presets?

On social media, there is a huge demand for these images. In this article we will talk about free vintage lightroom presets and how to apply them to your photos. Now we will discuss how to use and download Aesthetic lightroom presets free.

  • Go to and download the Aesthetic lightroom presets free file.
  •  Now, open Lightroom, go to the develop module and search the presets panel.
  • Click on the + sign to choose import presets. Select your downloaded presets and add them to your album.
  • Import the photo you would like to apply a preset on it.
  • Mark your desired photo from the gallery option and wait until it loads into the editing page.
  • Once you choose your photo, go to the development module to apply the presets. See all the vintage presets and apply them to anyone.
  • The preset is successfully applied and your photo has a vintage filter look.
  • Vintage presets give an old look but there are still some settings needed to fine-tune the image.
  • To make it more perfect, make some changes in color, exposure, and contrast.
  • When it looks good to you, be ready to save it to your device. Reconfirm your settings after applying presets.
  • On the right top corner of the screen, there are 3 dots present. Click on them and an option “ save on this device” comes up.
  • By clicking on this option, it will automatically save it to your device.

The lightroom Photography presets are made for every kind of photography. There is another preset pack you can use on photos.


Your photos look like they were taken from the olden days. It increases the yellow and orange tone in the image.You can apply it to your family photos to make old memory. People comment on their photos below that you look like a 90s Hollywood star. Without the help of aesthetic lightroom presets, it is difficult to make the image in the vintage style. They can be used on a variety of photo types, whether it’s landscapes, portraits, urban scenes, or casual snapshots. 


These are the types of presets which give a warm tone to the photos. They make the colors and style of the photo similar to old pictures.

Not at all. You can easily use it without any editing skills.

No. The original quality of the image remains undamaged.

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